Iva Zimova

"I'm not a reporter who courageously records conflicts wherever they occur; in fact, I'm always scared before a trip. I never know what the trip will be like, who I meet or where I will sleep."

"I always carry my camera with me in my backpack. The pack becomes a part of my body and if I don't have it on me I feel like I'm missing something. To have my camera with me at all times gives me opportunities to photograph anything interesting, anytime."

"I like to stay with the people of the region I am visiting; live with them, eat with them, work with them. I just can't jump into their lives, take the photos and leave. I must become comfortable with them - I need to be accepted by the community or by the family I stay with. Then I can take the pictures."

- Iva Zimova

About Iva Zímová

Iva Zímová was born in former Czechoslovakia. She graduated from the School of Industrial Art in Jablonec nad Nisou, Specialization jewelry (1977). In 1982 she immigrated to Canada where she studied at the Dawson College - Institute of Photography (1987-1990) and then she continued her study at the Concordia University - major photography (1990-1993).

In 1992, she was awarded the Canada Council Grant to photograph Czech minorities in Romania and in 1993, she received grant of the Ministère de Culture du Québec to document native people of northern Québec.

In 1994, she was contracted by the Canadian International Development Agency to record on photographs aspects of every day life in Ukraine.

In 1999, she documented the diversity of CAW workers (National Automobile, Aerospace, Transportation and General Workers Union of Canada).

Since 1997 she has been contributing her work to the Czech NGO, People in Need. She has exhibited her work among others in the Ukraine, China, Canada, Czech Republic, Ethiopia, Russia, Georgia, United State and Mexico.

Iva lives for her photography and uses her manifest talent in the service of the persecuted and the forgotten: Indians, gypsies, refugees, orphans, and the deeply impoverished. Her camera does not condescend to pity her subjects; it humanizes their plight and ennobles them as survivors that few will ever know.

Iva is represented by Panos Pictures. You can also find her work on Flickr