This work is the product of a project funded by Le Ministere de la Culture du Quebec. The aim of the project was to photograph native people of Northern Quebec, namely the Inuit of Kuujjuaraapik (Great Whale), the Naskapi of Kawawachikamach (Shefferville), and the Montagnais of Matimekosh (Shefferville) and Maliotenam (Sept Iles) in 1993.

All of these cultures had a deep spiritual relationship with the land and the life forms it supported. With the arrival of Europeans newcomers, this delicate balance was disrupted. Furthermore, during the 20th century, the increasing interaction with Southerners has been detrimental to their environmental, economic, and social structures. Yet like all cultural minorities, the Amerindians are attempting to maintain their identity despite the proliferation of white man's influence on their way of life.

I wished to make a record of their present lifestyle; the way these peoples connect their ancient cultures with their current reality.

In 1996, I went back to the Canadian Arctic and photographed the Cree of Whapmagoostui (Great Whale).

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