Inch by Inch Rebuilding a New Afghanistan

Three decades of conflict have left Afghanistan crippled. Rebuilding the country is a huge challenge. The country must fight poverty, increase literacy, decrease mortality, build roads, electrical power, schools, clinics and hospitals, stop opium growing and fight the Taliban insurgency.

Three decades of war have left the nation fractured, even medieval in appearance. Rural areas have no electricity and no running water. In the conservative parts many men think that women do not need an education. The economy is still in ruins, and there is a shortage of clean water.

After three decades of war, Afghanistan is on the road to recovery. In 2003, the National Solidarity Program (NSP) was established to help in reconstruction, development and empowerment of people in rural areas. Education has also greatly improved since the Taliban were overthrown in late 2001. There are clear signs of health sector recovery and different signs of progress throughout the country.

Reconstruction efforts are enormous, yet Afghanistan is still largely underdeveloped and real change will take decades.

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