I photographed in Mexico City and Nezahualcoyotl, one of the city suburbs, in the spring of 1994. I was interested in exploring the life of Mexicans in this overpopulated area. I encountered natives from every corner of Mexico and discovered, to my surprise, that despite their geographic proximity to the U.S., these people are virtually "un-Americanized". Unlike many cultural/ethnic groups that I have lived among and photograph, the Mexicans appear to remain immune to the Western (first-world) influences. The Fiesta is still an important and regular part of life. "Mercados", or local markets, occupy many street corners and some span several blocks. What's for sale? Anything that can be grown, made, or found at the local dumb. At Easter, in Iztapalapa (a section of Mexico City), I witnessed the enactment of the passion play - complete with a crucifixion. Christian religion still plays an important role.

I also visited a coastal fishing village, named Petacalco and documented their daily life.

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