I went to the Ukraine for the first time in the year of 1994, then in 1995, 1998 and my last visit was at the end of the year 2004.

I documented Czech settlement in the region of Zhytomir, Chernobyl and its five kilometer zone where elderly returned to their homes after the Chernobyl's nuclear disaster. I also traveled to the Ivan Frankivski region of western Ukraine where Hutsul people live and where Ukrainian culture & identity have been nurtured despite constant oppression.

I went to the Crimean peninsula where Russian is spoken in this official part of the Ukraine where I visited the ethnic Tatars who live there, a people forcibly deported from the region during WW2 by Stalin. I also stay in Kyiv, the capital of the Ukraine where I celebrated Ivan Kupala Day, a festival dating back to pagan origins forbidden during the former Soviet period.

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